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Mar 132016
Snoopy’s Street Fair the end

Snoopy Street’s fair game is a freemuim game was released back in late 2011 by Beeline interactive (wholly owned subsidiary of Capcom Interactive, Inc), one of the world’s developer and publisher of games for smartphone platforms. Snoopy Street’s fair game was launched after the great success achieved by beeline with The Smurfs village game, Beeline ultimately launched couple of similar freemuim social games that rely on in-app purchases income like Explorers of the Lost World , but didn’t really succeed. Continue reading »

Mar 042015
Allyn iExaminer Eye Imaging System for iPhone

Allyn iExaminer is a handy tool to examine your eyes’ current status. If you have an iPhone an iExaminer can serve you in many ways. This advanced tool kit system is just an integrated module for your iPhone. This total system functions with tree individual modules. And the whole system works like an instant adviser for your eyes’ health.
This whole system is featured with three essential equipments. These the One application, one power adapter and one main electronic device. From the commercial view these three go by the name of:
• PanOptic™ Ophthalmoscope
• iExaminer Adapter
• iExaminer App Continue reading »

Jan 122015
BlackBerry Passport

There has been a lot of mud slung at BlackBerry over the last few years, and most of it not without good cause. They were a once great company that let poor leadership and terrible awareness of changing markets nearly capsize their once seemingly impregnable business. That all changed in September 2014 though, with the release of the BlackBerry Passport. While some people don’t like it, they are few and far between in terms of the market segments BlackBerry wants to target with the device.

That market is a business user. After them it’s anyone else who is interested in a truly amazing device, but unconcerned with the status quo. While the BlackBerry Passport didn’t actually revolutionise the industry, it did make huge changes to what was the accepted standard for devices. While those changes are less revolutionary than those of the original and iconic iPhone, they are no less ground breaking. The new keyboard format is nothing short of brilliant, and the overall device size is in line with what any business traveller always carries anyway – their passport. Continue reading »

Nov 072014

Barcodes don’t seem like the wave of the future, but they’re becoming more and more accessible to small business owners and changing the game in the process. You might think that you’re getting along fine without an automatic way to account for inventory, but if you’re experiencing any of these five problems a simple upgrade to your stock keeping system could be all you need to turn it around. And with a much lower startup cost than consultants or hiring security officers or something else that drastic, the return on investment is much higher. Take a look at these five signs that you need to start barcoding your products. Continue reading »

Oct 272014

If you’re in the market to become a better cook, or you are a student straggling to inspire recipes for your daily meals  look no further. iPad and iPhone have the tools that you need to take you to the next level in cooking skill. Here are the top 10 cooking Apps for students  that you should add to your arsenal. Find the perfect App no matter whether you’re a pro chef or a novice cook and amaze people with your new skills as you whizz around the kitchen creating masterpieces galore. Continue reading »

Oct 202014
POS System

The cash register of yesteryears has evolved from clunky, noisy machines into the sleeker systems of today. In other parts of the world, these traditional, manual cash registers had been replaced with simple electronic machines. In comparison, more advanced countries like the US have embraced more sophisticated systems that take advantage of technology harnessed from increased computer and mobile phone usage. Considering the majority of development in POS technology has occurred in the US, it’s not surprising that the majority of businesses switching to them are located there. However, there are still many businesses stuck with old and outdated systems, as stated by Business Insider. What is clear is that businesses that embrace these developments tend to profit more from them. Those who have kept the old school systems in place still exist, but their customer base and profit margins have likely stayed the same. Continue reading »

Sep 262014
Star Wars Galactic Defense icon

If you like Star Wars and tower based defense games then you’re in for a big treat this winter! LucasFilm Ltd has teamed up with DeNA Corp to bring you a very fascinating game called “Star Wars Galactic Defense” for your iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad) and Android devices. The game is going to be freemium [free to download but money (premium) will be charged for proprietary features, functionality, or virtual goods via In-App Purchase (IAP)]. Continue reading »

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