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Jul 162012

what are the best bluetooth Apps for the iPhone?

Bluetooth apps are one of the basic requirements for anyone nowadays. Many iPhone users may wonder which Bluetooth app can be the best for this model. Here we are discussing some Bluetooth apps that can be practical for chatting and sharing the files anytime.

(1) Bluetooth Communicator: – This app can be termed as the answer for all the necessary related requirements. You can chat through this app anytime and it also allows sharing images and contacts. The devices should have the 1.2 version to enjoy all the benefits. The price of this app is $1.99 only.

(2) BlueTooth Mania:
– This Bluetooth app has been developed by Floor Girls and we can use this app if the device works through iOS4.0 or above. The exciting graphics and latest user interface are the key things of this app. You can not only share the files but you can also do chatting with ease. Your device can almost become a walkie-talkie with the help of this app. The cost of this app is $4.99 only.

(3) Bluetooth AppBox:
– This app is the set of ultimate BT service applications and it has a number of benefits like chat, walkie-talkie, contact and image share and many more. You can connect with your friends instantly however it is necessary that both the users must have Bluetooth AppBox to take absolute benefits. The cost of this app is $3 only.

(4) Bluetooth Messanger: – This is another useful app for excellent connectivity functions. You can chat with your friends without any issue and you can also share images. The app is available for free.

(5) Bluetooth Share: – This Bluetooth app permits sharing of file from local document through Bluetooth. You can also share contacts along with photos in photo library. The device should have iOS4.0 or later and it costs $0.99 only. The size of this app is 9.0 MB.

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  1. bluetooth 360 a newly added app looks really worth the money. It cost me only $.0.99 ( only about 2mb) . I was about to purchase bluetooth communicator and suddenly this new bluetooth 360 app appeared today.. I love its interfaces. They have used a matt interface which preserver the iphone look (I really do not licke these shiny blue tones used by most of the bluetooth apps) .

    Hope you guys will also like it.. thats why I thought of sharing it


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