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Sep 302013
Simpsons-Tapped-Out on computer

The Simpsons Tapped Out has been stealing many hours away from gamers who happen to have an iOS or Android device, but now there is a way you can play the game right on your PC or your Mac. Which is music to PC owners ears everywhere. Check out this guide so you can enjoy The Simpsons Tapped Out on your PC. If you want you can sync the game up with the one on your phone, but you can fully enjoy this as a totally separate game on your PC if you want.  This can be done by using  Bluestusks a third party software which  is an Android emulator for the computer.

Step 1

Go to the website www.bluestacks.com. Once there simply download the software for Windows users. If it says during installation that your video card is not compatible then sorry, but that is it for your PC. The only way around this is if you buy a brand new video card
**Windows 8 users may need to follow these extra steps**
Programme files
Bluestacks folder
Compatibility tab, and then select an older version of windows.

Step 2

Fire up your new Bluestacks programme and then click the top charts button at the top of the screen. Hopefully Simpsons Tapped Out will be there. If it’s not don’t worry just click on the search icon and type in Simpsons Tapped Out.

Step 3

Click on Simpsons Tapped Out App. You will be given three different versions ALWAYS pick the Google Play version which is the one on the right. This version is much more stable and will give you a better game play experience.
You will need a GMail account, but if you have a YouTube account you can just use that. If not it only takes a minute to create a GMail account.

Step 4

You will then see another box which will have some information about the game in it. There will be an install icon on the right hand side, click it. A new box will pop up click the accept button and then the game will start to install.

Step 5

Go back to the bluestacks home page. You can either click the home page icon or shut the whole thing down and re-open.


Step 6

Click on my apps and The Simpsons Tapped Out should be there. It is recommended you have an EA Origin account, but you can play the game without one. Click the app to start the game.

Step 7

You are ready to play!!! You will now have the option to play the game anonymously or you can log in with your EA Origin account. Either way is fine, but if you want to be able to play with your friends and visit there virtual Springfield then you will need to have a EA Origin account.

Step 8

Have fun.

Please not in this article we have installed the Simpsons Tapped out game on PC but similar steps can be used to install it on Mac. The is a bluestucks version for Mac users. Also not that Bluestacks software is not supported by EA, so using it is under your own risk.

Please let us know if you have any question in the comments below. Thank you

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  24 Responses to “How To Play The Simpsons Tapped Out On A PC or Mac”

  1. thanks I wish it was as easy to download a hack for tapped out……but this was wonderful now I can play on my computer…

  2. How do you update this once you have it downloaded? I’ve been playing for a few weeks now, and now I’m being told I need to update. When I click the button that it provides to update, nothing happens. Any suggestions?

  3. I can’t find my device,,…. any suggestions on what i need to do ?

  4. I’m having a black screen when I want to start the app… Great.

  5. hi im stuck on the 1 click part it wont load anything :(

    • Hello, Anyone Know How to Fix the loading Screen problem for Bluestacks!

      I open my bluestacks app

      i wait and wait and wait for it to stop loading and it doesnt

      I Close and And pen it again

      And it Still Doesnt Wrk Cna someone help me!!

  6. can you use an origin account through it ?

  7. When I search for the simpsons, nothing comes up. What do I do?

  8. when i go to download it it says error retrieving information error code rpc:s-7:aec-0 help what did i do wrong

  9. Do you have some Mac instructions for Tapped Out? What is Bluestacks and where can I get it, and is there a site with install and use instructions for the Mac? Thank You…


  11. Bluestacks is for PC – the title of this is “How To Play The Simpsons Tapped Out On A PC or Mac’ but there are no Mac instructions. Please reply with how to play on a Mac.

  12. Black screen means you have to upgrade your graphics card driver.
    I’m having the problem that it is stuck at update 2 when he tries to update to the halloween mission.

  13. i tried searching for tapped out ..even wrote the simpsons tapped out but its NOT showing, the game wont show in search, what do i do?

  14. im using pc btw and tapped out wont show up in the search, please help, my email is the nsame kenan_is@hotmail.com . please kindly help me here. specs are Lenovo dual core 1 gb ram and yea card is good… but the game is NOT SHOWING UP in the search, please help. email me what to do

  15. I hear there is no support for the game anymore on bluestacks.

  16. Here is the link for BlueStacks for a Mac!!!!!!!!


    Happy Tapping!

  17. I installed Bluestacks and I was playing TSTO and I put CCleaner through my computer and I now can’t play the game on Bluestacks. I’ve downloaded it again and it has the spinning circle and then it stops spinning.
    I can’t even get to the title page of Bluestacks, let alone into the game.
    Can you please help me?

  18. I have bluestacks and Simpson’s tapped out. But how do I do the age verification and sign I click it does nothing

  19. It wont let me click to enter my name or to accept terms….. what do i do now?

  20. the game wont open? I downloaded everything right it shows the Fox screen then it goes black any help???

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