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iphone 5s ibattery

The battery is considered the fuel tank of electronics-made devices. Most people relaying the batteries capacity and endurance, in particular when it comes to their iPhones, not because   is a mean of communications but is also associated to many aspects in their   routine usage,   like using   as their personal digital assistance,   as a hob of entrainment   and gaming or as  a credit cards and so forth. A heavy load is put on the battery of the iPhone and sometimes we do not realize, therefore it is important to know the capabilities of your iPhone battery and its usage, for better performance.  Moreover, the miss use of your iPhone battery can not only put you down when you really need it but it can also result in undesirable experience.

It is reported recently that a marketing executive from New York had her iPhone battery melted all the sudden resulted  in leaking acid  outside the battery while the iPhone was  switched this could ultimately harm her if  it was in her hands or pocket, luckeley it was on her coffee table. Due to the leakage the iPhone was damaged as it is depicted in this Photo (credit to dailymail- UK)

In this article the risks associated with the miss use of the iPhone battery will be highlighted, and how to maintian its life use for longer.

iPhone 5 battery composition and risk associated:

Apple is adopting   lithium-ion polymer based technology   in the iPhone. Lithium (also denoted as “Li“) is highly reactive and flammable chemical element, yet it allows to make very light and compact rechargeable batteries with high power density   and longer life time in comparison to other technologies.

Usually the battery in the iPhone is well sealed and protected, however there are always potential risks if the iPhone’s user guidelines are disregard.  The risk associated with damaging the iPhone Battery can lead to a fire and burning, and that’s why you are warned from in the iPhone Battery package as it is written: Potential for fire or burning. Do not disassemble, puncture, crush, heat, or burn. Doing so will expose Lithium inside the battery to the external environment which leads chemical reactions, heats and ultimately fire and burnings.

How does Li-ions battery charge in the iPhone?

The iPhone, (and also iPad and iTouch) Lithium battery can either be charged via USB connection from a PC or directly from the electrical charger. Usually using the charger charges your iPhone faster than just plug it in USB port in your PC.  The charging time for a Li-ion battery splits into stages Fast charge and Trickle charge.  According to Apple during the first stage (Fast Charge stage) your device will be charged to 80% battery capacity, then it switches to trickle charging which requires other two hours in order to fully charge your Lithium battery as it can be seen in the image above.

 Apple iPhone 5 Battery Specs  

  • iPhone 5  Battery capacity(3.8V, 5.45 Whr, 1440mAh)
  • Talk time on 3 network:  up to 8 hours on 3G
  • Talk time on wifi network up to 10 hours
  • Video Playback : up to 40 hours
  • Charging via USB to computer port or via power adapter
  • Charging voltage 4.3V
  • iPhone 5 Battery thickness 3.3 mm
  • iPhone 5 Battery manufacrurer Tianjin Lishen Battery Co Ltd one of the big  batteries  makers in china alson with ATL.

 Please note: According to Apple “All battery claims depend on network configuration and many other factors; actual results will vary. Battery has limited recharge cycles and may eventually need to be replaced by Apple service provider. Battery life and charge cycles vary by use and settings. See www.apple.com/uk/batteries and www.apple.com/uk/iphone/battery.html for more information.

How to increase the life time of the iPhone 5 battery:

Life time of an iPhone battery is measured by the number charges cycles. According to Apple a charge cycle is when you use all your iPhone battery’s power. The more charge cycles completed the more capacity of the battery reduces.
Now in order to increase your iPhone battery time you need to reduce some unneeded consumed power, the following are few tips will help you out to reduce lost power:

  • Closing up the unused Apps are  running in the background
  • Reducing the brightness of your screen (the screen seems to consume a lot of power)
  • Reducing volume if it is too  loud, equally you can turn off the Equalizer
  • Turn the wifi off if it is not in use
  • Turn the bluetooth on only when you use it
  • Deactivate push mails and push notifications
  • Update the to the latest iOs version and Apps releases
  • Switch to Airplane mode whenever you are in no coverage area
  • You can use also the iPhone charging cases which have batteries to back up your iPhone buttery
  •  Deactivate the GPS feature by turning off the location service
  • Use the autolock feature

Please note: If your iPhone is jailbroken, you may notice that the batteries drains faster than before, this is because the jailbroken software like Cydia, are very bad when it comes to power management, this results in heat and shorter battery life time.

It is also reported recently by iPhone users in Apple forum that the battery life time is reduced after they have upgraded their operation system to iOS 6.1, blaming the lack of power management of  the new iOS . Nothing clear yet if the problem is a result of  the new iOS  release to the iPhone 5 battery  has some problem, but discharging the battery and recharge it will help to figure out the problem.


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