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Apr 162011

How to get Free Smurfberries in Smurfs village Game?

Most Smurfs Village fans are daily looking for Smurfberries to enhance their villages, however Smurfberries usally not free, you may get from time time for Jockey a gift of 3 smurfberreis but is not always the case as you may get a blue flag or somthing else. Also you may get 2 to 3 smurfberries each time as you level up. But 3 smurfberries do not offer mach to your village, that’s why you have to pay real money to get a basket or barrel of Smurfberrie.

An other successful cheat is a time chanage option (check it out here), but you can only use it from time to time as Papa smurf will pop up at some point and warn you saying: “I’m disappointed you have been overworking the smurfs by changing your clock be careful or your smurfs will leave the village”. Obviously you can pay from time to time to get Smurfberrie in order to keep your village growing, however you cant pay everytime time for them. That’s why most of people are now looking for different hacks and cheats to get free smurfberries !!
Hacks are cheats are cool as they speedup your village growth and populate it with smurfs, gives you more options and privileges over people who buy smurfberies. But you have to be aware with the risks associated to smurfberries hacks since you will have to manipulate the source code of the game. These risks can be such banning you from the game, freezing your Game center or iTunes accounts, get black listed and probably you will be prosecuted and paying charges. So if you use such hacks is going to be totally under your risk.
Now there is a hack which is reported by other sources claiming that you can get unlimited namber of smurfberries using file and safari manager as well as you will be able to get up to 50K gold and 10K smurfberries or probably more. The required steps for the hack are mentioned below :

1. First you need to download Breakpoint Hex Workshop version v6.5 is available www.bpsoft.com.
2. You need to access to the root and open the file search /hotkey ctrl+f/ after 32 bit Signed Long Value: 449 and options Either.
3. In the memory try find the location of coins. Then move 4 slots to left from the first value of your berries (DB 03 00 00). From BE move over 4 slots to left. You should be at D4.

NOTE:  This smurfberries hack works only for jail broken iPhone, iPod or IPad

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  37 Responses to “Free Smurfberries Hack and risks associated”

  1. I've been using the cheats since February 2011 and papa smurf often pops up and says he's dissapointed in me. He lets me pay him a smurfberry but i dont give him any. Am i losing smurfs or XP if i refuse or am i just continuing on as normal

  2. hello
    Id like to now if im losing smurfs when i refuse to pay Papa Smurf a smurfberry when i do a cheat.
    Please reply

    • HI you wont lose anything unless you do it heaps in one day! if you do what will happen i that the game will reset so what you do then is you delete the game and then go on to itunes and put smurfs back on your ipod/ iphone/ ipad. this only works if you have saved your game to itunes b4 it restarted.
      hope this helps .
      (If it doesnt well im from new zealand so different countries may have different ways)

  3. Hi

  4. Will some1 tell us or ill never come on this website again

  5. ya come on

  6. it does work with me without any problem , the only inconvinient that , Jokey will not give me daily gifts, he only surprises me with bad surprises

  7. papa smurf warned me and i continued cheating… in the end he took away alot of smurfs and my xp!!

    • well nothing happened to me. All you have to do (and it depends what level you are on) just plant the crop with the most xps

  8. this is looks like advanced stff , i dont know how to install the hack

  9. is the hack bad??i dont like risking

  10. When i use the time cheat it comes up with papa smurfs message but he doesn’t take away any of my smurfs or my XP and i never pay him the smurfberries, i just go off the app, change the time or date again and then go back on the app, it works fine for me as long as i dont have my wifi on.

    Not sure if this helps or not but hope it does :)

  11. Hey guys, after doing a lot

    Of time change, I have no clue HOW(

    Apparently I’m the only one to whom it

    Happened) but my village started from scratch! I had the same cartoon than at the beginning of the game about Smurfs losing Themselves, but

    I closed the app totally (removed its multitasking), relaunched the app and my village got

    Back to normal (the current level I was

    On before my village had got to level 1)

  12. You lose nothing

  13. Hey erwana the same thing happened to me but I just waited a couple hours and it went back to my level

  14. how does this free smurf berries cheat work ?

  15. hi my name is lolli and I'm on level 17 but only 15 have strarberries!
    as you all get on so quickly buys and without risk?
    Please register

  16. Why don’t you try using data deposit (jb app from cydia) just to have a backup of your save game before you try the cheats???i used it to transfer my gf savegame from iphone to ipad 2 and it worked…seems faster than uninstalling and reinstalling the whole app.

    Just my 2 pennies…

  17. how I get free smurfberries

  18. I was wondering why this didn't work plz help

  19. guys if your level ever restarts, just go to options and click papa smurf 16 times and a button will pop up saying "restore village"

  20. Thank you for this smurfs village hack

  21. delete the game and use your old village then go on maps and you will get a smurfberry . this can be repeated any amount of times

  22. Hi
    Is there a video to watch or is it just a picture?

  23. Hi

  24. you are stupid i want you to give every body smurfbaries and coins free without iap cracke

  25. if you give us 11111111000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 smurfbarreis and coins i will not tell to everybody to delete smurfbarries if you did not give us any thing after 1 min i will tell every body

  26. if you are tired of waiting for the mini games here is something you can do.

    1. set the clock to its normal time.

    2. go to the mini game you want to play.

    3. change the clock again (like 1 day)

    4. come back and play the mini game

    5. don't forget to set the clock back to normal

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