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Apr 072011

quick start guide for smurfs village game

For those who were once admirers of the Smurf classic cartoon series, Smurfs’ Village is certainly a game to have on the iPhone, iTouch and the iPad. Capcom is behind the creation and development of Smurfs’ Village, which they specifically brought out for the modern Apple devices such as the iPad, iPod Touch and the iPhones of today.

A lot of the popular Smurf characters are involved in the game including Greedy Smurf, Jokey Smurf, Papa Smurf, Smurfette, all of whom would be joining you in the adventure to help the Smurf rebuild their village while hiding from Garagamel and Azrael, the hungry cat.

The game play involves baking at the bakery, harvesting crops, and overall building a place for the Smurfs to live in. Thus, in order to get some ideal tips and tricks of the game, while ideally proceeding ahead without any hurdles, here is a Smurfs village game walkthrough which would guide you through out the game, with hints which would help you rapidly end the game.

To being playing the game you would firstly require the Smurfs’ Village app. which could be downloaded directly on your Apple device for free.

The beginning storyline of the game shows the Smurfs being chased out of their village by Gargamel and your main objective in the game is to help them build a new village. Building a mushroom house in the game attracts one more Smurf to the new village who would help in tasks such as gardening, constructing new buildings which have mini games included. It is also important that the instructions provided by Papa Smurfs are followed and a blinking “!” above his head would indicate a new objective or new quest, so be here to tap on him when you see that. While following this Smurfs village game walkthrough, also keep in mind that restarting the game will cause a loss of any progress made.

The screen at the Starting

A. Currency/ Level Indicator: This showcases you the required currency to be spent for any task and the level you are currently on.

B. Smurf Population: This features the number of Smurfs living in the village which is being built and those who are available for work.

C.Visit other villages:  This is the menu allows you to check other featured villages  as well as allow you to connect to Facebook and share your created village with friends and family. You can also invite your friends to join Smurfs village game via Facebook.

D. Build Menu: This is the menu to buy items for building the Village.

Game Currency

The game begins with only 300 Gold Coins and 3 free Smurf berries are found in Level 2.

Gold Coins:

The basic currency in the game which is used to buy items with which the village is built.


The game’s premium currency which would have to be purchased and with them you can buy more advanced items for the village.

That’s all there is regarding the currency in the game, moving on with the Smurfs village game walkthrough.


If Papa Smurf has a yellow “!” blinking above him during the game, it would means that you have to follow him on a new quest. The completion of a question would result in gaining XP which helps in leveling up rapidly.


Gardening is another way in which money and XP can be earned. Each gardening plot built would provide 10 XP while costing 20 coins and would get built quite quickly. The gardening plot is present in the build icon. Once a Smurf completes the gardening plot, you would then have to select the crop to be grown which would again help in earning coins and XP. It is also important to harvest the crop before it spoils and so that new crops could be grown in the same plot.

Greedy Smurf’s Bakery

As you proceed onto Level 4 while taking guidance from this Smurfs village game walkthrough, you will now have to build a bakery. The completion of this quest would provide you 200 XP and allow you to play mini games at the bakery which include baking stuff.

Mini Games

As mentioned, almost every other building in the game has a mini game associated with them which should become available from Level 3 and onwards. A small icon over any building would indicate that you could play a mini game through it.

Potion Mixing Game

At Papa Smurf’s house you get to play the ‘Potion Mixing Game’ which is another way to earn extra XP.

Greedy Smurf’s Bakery Game

Whenever a pastry icon becomes visible over the bakery, it means you can even play the ‘Greedy Smurf’s Bakery Game’ to gain more additional XP.

Painter Smurf’s Painting Game

When the paintbrush can be seen over Painter Smurf’s house it would mean that the ‘Painting Game’ has become available which can be played to get more XP. This mini game was on the first vesion only.

Jokey Smurf’s Daily Gift

While using this Smurfs village game walkthrough as a guide, one important quest which has to be completed is finding Jokey Smurf who usually carries a yellow gif box and even has a yellow “!” over his head.

Building Houses

Whenever a build a house quest is completed, 30 XP is earned. As the game advances much bigger and more advanced houses can be built as well

Smurfette and House:

Building such a house provides additional XP to any Smurfs nearby.

Hefty Smurf and House:

Building this house causes Heft Smurf to building things more quickly.

Handy Smurf and Workshop:

Building this house makes it possible to upgrade mushroom houses so more Smurfs could live in them.

Visiting Other Villages

With the icon you can even view villages created by friends and even visit them. Once at a friend’s village you can even give them a gift every 24 hours. Additional information as a part of this Smurfs village game walkthrough, you can even invite other friends to play with you. You can even send friend’s on Facebook a download link where they could down the game and join in the fun. Once they join in the game, your friend would automatically be added to the friend list.

Thus, following this Smurfs village game walkthrough you will indeed successfully beat the game to the very end. You know how to play it and how everything in the game functions.

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