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Aug 032013
smurfs village space and swoofs update

Smurfs village game new updates were just released this week by Beeline. This is the first time Beeline releases a both android and Apple iOS versions at the same time (1.4.2 and   1.2.9a).

Are You Ready For An All New Smurfy Space Adventure?” This Smurfs village new update is about to explore the space. From the sea and island using the boat by Dreamy Smurfs to explore the mountains using the balloon and visit Grandpa Smurf, and this time to explore the space and discover a new planet with the cool creatures called swoofs. That’s what Astro smurf will take the smurfs this time in a trip from the smurfs village to the swoofs’ planet. However in order to go to the ne planet you need to build the space Rocket first.

Many people are getting confused how to make the space rocket in the smurfs village despite it appears in the shop.

Indeed, the space rocket is already available in the shop for 2000 coins however it requires at least level 22, and you need to complete series of few quests as usual. First you need to complete any ongoing papa smurfs’ quests , followed by sending 5 smurfs out for 8 hours. After this you will be asked to plant 20 carrots crops and then 40 raspberries plots, collect 12 woods and 9 stones either from friends or from timber and miner and in a final quest you will be asked to build the space rocket.


Once you reach to the swoofs planet a new adventure will start with Cassiopeia quests and digging will be in the heart of most quest like in the mountains, also you will use the constellations to get more and more swoofs, using constellation allows  you to build   swoof huts.

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