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Jun 192011

Top 5 Best Voice Recording Apps for iPhone4

You’ve all heard of a Swiss Knife, right? It is just one gadget but it obviously has a lot of uses. The iPhone works basically the same way. The functions of the iPhone are just too many to count. Add to the fact that there are thousands of available apps that further enhance the functionality of the device.

This time around, we will be talking about the apps that turn the iPhone into a voice recorder.Whether you are a journalist out to interview someone and don’t want to miss a word or simply a student who want to record your teacher’s lecture instead of taking down notes, the iPhone can certainly help you with a little help from voice recording apps.

Here are the Top 5 voice recording apps for the iPhone.

1. SpeakEasy by Zarboo Software

Definitely one of the best voice recording apps for the iPhone, SpeakEasy as its name suggests is very easy to use. Using the built-in microphone of your iPhone, this app not only allows you to record reminders, notes and pretty much everything that your iPhone’s mic can pick up but also lets you play these recorded files back.

Its user interface is very simple. Tap the big green microphone to start recording and tap the large red icon to stop. Once the recording is stopped, the app gives you options to continure recording, play the recently recorder file back, save the file or delete it. Pretty easy to use, right?

2. Audio Recorder by Peerium

Another app that should be included in the best voice recording apps for the iPhone is Audio Recorder. This app is also very easy to use and has the stop, play, pause and record buttons neatly laid out for easy access. All you need to do is to tap the red record button and the app will immediately begin recording.

Also, a nice feature of the Audio Recorder app is that it allows you to send your recordings via email to your own email account or to any contact found in the address book of your iPhone with just a tap of a button. Please note that you need to configure your email account settings under the Audio Recorder settings before you can do this.

3. Note2Self by Web Information Solutions

A unique voice recording app, Note2Self gives you the option to send a recently recorded file to your email inbox or to any email address you like first via email and then after that gives you the option to save the file in your iPhone during the process.

Using Note2Self to make a recording is pretty straightforward. Simply tap the Start Recording button and the app begins doing its job. Another nice feature of this app is that it makes use of the accelerometer of your iPhone to start recording. Place the iPhone next to your ear like when you are making a phone call and the Note2Self automatically starts recording. Put it back down and the recording stops. Vey nifty, eh?

4. Recorder by Retronyms

Another voice recording app that lets you send your recordings out via email, Recorder is very reasonably-priced for its features thereby making it part of the 5 best voice recording apps for the iPhone.

Not only that, Recorder is also very to use. It has a big red Record button which you just need to tap and the app immediately begins recording. Aside from that, it can also it can also record your outgoing calls although there is fee involved if you want to take advantage of this feature.

5. iTalk Recorder by Griffin Technology

Best used if you want to record lectures, meetings, interviews and the like in high-quality, iTalk Recorder also gives you the option to select the sound quality of the recording between Good (11.025kHz), Better (22.05 kHz) and Best (44.10 kHz).

Not only that, if you are using iTalk Recorder on your iPhone 4, not only are its graphics updated to take advantage of Retina Display, it also has an auto-noise cancellation feature when used in the iPhone 4. This app also lets you share you recordings via email to family and friends.

There you go friends – the Top 5 voice recording apps for your iPhone. With any of these apps installed on your iPhone, you wouldn’t miss any word you want to record; you can also share your recorded files via email. What are you waiting for, start recording now.

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