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Apr 062011

What are the best iPhone Apps for iPhoneography?

People who are using the iPhone these days are quite aware that the cameras of these smartphones take really impressive pictures with quality which cannot be matched by the ordinary variety of cell phones available today. Therefore equipped with the right photography apps, the experience of taking picture with the iPhone can certainly be enhanced and here we have mentioned top 5 best iPhoneography apps for Photography.


This application uses a technology known as selective desaturation with which the iPhone users are conveniently able to convert a regular picture into black and white with a selected portion remaining in color. While the app does not really enable the original colors to be changed, but four different brushes the pictures can be edited various ways.

Night Camera

Taking pictures where there is less light can be a bit of an issue but with this app, the iPhone is easily able to take pictures clearly even in places where the light might be dim hence including it among the really ideal iPhoneography apps. With an accelerometer this app is even able to control the shutter activating it when the camera would be stable. Thus even when the user clicks the button to take the picture, the picture would be clicked once the camera would be stable and detected by the accelerometer. The result is that the pictures which are clicked are all non blurry.


This app, acts as camera simulation software, so that a variety of types of pictures can be taken. In fact an entire list of pictures can be taken when using CameraBag, which include:
1962, 1974, Cinema, Dramatic, Fisheye, Helga, Infrared, Instant, Lolo, Mono.
Each of these modes through this app adds a very distinct effect to the pictures which are clicked and every picture which is taken appears quite distinct and innovative, which is an evident sign why it is among the top iPhoneography apps.

Photo Fx

Photo FX happens to be a really convenient photo related app for the iphoneogaphy , but it provides really professional features. This app comprises of 27 different film appearances along with 26 filters. The  well developped filters are able to enhance the look of the taken  pictures with a variety of artistics effects.


This is particularly an app meant for photo editing with which the pictures clicked with the iPhone can be cropped, sharpened, straightened, balanced, rotated, framed and the addition of text, saturation and other effects. The pictures can even be taken while using this application, so that they could directly be editing without requiring opening the app to do so. Thus, this application is also among optimal iPhoneography apps through which iPhone users are able to enhance the appearance of the pictures.

These are actually not the only photography apps available for the iPhones which allow the users a variety of functions and benefit from various features. The final decision to choose such photography apps for the iPhone would merely depend on the photography requirements of the user, the quality of the pictures the user wishes to take and the enhancements the user would like to make to the pictures they take. Nonetheless, for those who are fond of taking pictures, using such iPhoneography apps with the iPhone is indeed worthwhile.

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  1. hey..awesome apps..But you have not included the most wonderful app i.e "Sortshots" ..This is the best app for organizing the pics by tagging them with personalized keywords, ratings, favourites etc. Tapping on a tag provides instant results so that we can further refine our search with additional tags and keywords.

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