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Apr 282011
iPhone vapor cases

What are the best iPhone 4 cases?

If you have an iPhone 4, for sure you would like it to get protected and keep it clean. Your phone didn’t come cheap so you got to make sure that it is protected from bumps, dings, scratches and dents that everyday use and abuse brings. Take a look at the 5 best iPhone 4 prestegious protective cases which give a smart and fashionable look to your smartphone as well as firm and long term protection:


1. Miniot iWood 4 Cobra

One of the wooden iPhone 4 protective cases being offered by Miniot, this protective case, with its two prominent stripes along its body reminds you of the Shelby Cobra Nicolas Cage used in the movie Gone in 60 seconds.
Made entirely of wood with the user having the option to choose from wenge or maple, it provides push-through volume button protection and has cut-away portions that give easy access to important controls and ports without compromising the protection it gives your iPhone 4.

2. Factron Quattro iPhone 4 Case

The Quattro iPhone 4 case from Factron is one of those iPhone 4 protective cases that is made entirely of metal and gives off that heavy metal look compared to other metal protective cases.
The material used in making the Quattro iPhone 4 case is the same material used in airplane production that’s why the case is a lot lighter and designed for shock absorption.
Other than the protection it affords your iPhone, the Factron Quattro also enables the user to add custom lenses to the iPhone camera such as wide-angle lenses, fish-eye lenses and the like.

3. Incipio Ultra Light Feather Case

Measuring only 1mm thin, the Incipio Feather hard shell case for the iPhone 4 is absolutely thin. Manufactured from ultra-strong and ultra-light polymer that provides durable and form-fitting protection to your iPhone 4 without the added bulk, the Incipio Ultra Light comes with 2 surface protectors and a cleaning cloth.
Due to the thinness of the Incipio Ultra Light you can use it to protect your iPhone 4 and still be able to use the iPhone on any of the iPhone docks available in the market.

4. Element Case Vapor 4 Aluminum iPhone 4 Case

Think of the Vapor 4 as another Incipio Ultra Light. The only difference though is that the Vapor 4 is made from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum. Inspite of it being made from metal, the Vapor 4 only weighs 19 grams and is has a form factor that is thin enough that you could still dock your iPhone 4 on any docking station with the case on.
Don’t be fooled by its thinness though. The case is strong enough to protect your iPhone 4 from the hazards of daily use and abuse.

5. Otterbox Defender Series for iPhone 4

The OtterBox Defender may be one of the toughest iPhone 4 protective cases around. The Defender provides three layers of protection that include a high-impact polycarbonate plastic shell, a shock and impact resisting silicon skin and a crystal screen cover.
Due to the toughness of this case, Otterbox placed felt liners inside the case to cushion your device. The silicon exterior on the other hand is textured for improved grip and the crystal screen cover has a special coating that makes it fingerprint-resistant.
For the outdoors guy who can’t leave home without his iPhone 4, this definitely is the case for you.

There you have it folks. The 5 best protective cases money can buy for your iPhone 4. One thing to remember though: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Taking care of your iPhone is still basic. Treat it with TLC. But if you just can’t help it, choose any of the 5 iPhone protective cases listed above and consider your iPhone 4 “covered”. You may also be intersted in these iPhone Cases which are classified as weird iPhone cases of all time,

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